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About Us

You might already know us as the Honours Student Council (HSC), but from September 2021 onwards our name changed to the AHSC: the Amsterdam Honours Student Council. The HSC was set up in September 2013 by a few Honours students from VU, the UvA, and Extensus. 

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Introducing the AHSC

We are the informal representative body for students from VU and the UvA who participate in the Honours Programme. Our main goal is to evaluate and guarantee the quality of education within the Honours Programme. We achieve that by conducting an annual survey and reporting on our findings to the relevant parties, along with recruiting Faculty Honours Student Representatives who promote the Honours Programme and establish a relationship of trust with Honours students from their faculty.

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The 2022-2023 board of the Amsterdam Honours Student Council have outlined their vision for the academic year in a Vision document. Our aims include increasing the visibility and accessibility of the AHSC and the Honours Programme, along with increasing the role of the Faculty Honours Student Representatives.

Vision & Values

  • Transparency

  • Accessibility

  • Commitment

The 2022-2023 Board


Aneta Jaglinska



Vera Kristic

Vice-President & Secretary


Irene Beonio Brocchieri

PR Officer


Fabian Khairallah

VU Officer

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Yelyzaveta Terentieva

UvA Officer

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